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      We are looking for sexy, funny, and cool professional videos about dating or intimate encounters. First place prize winner will get $2,500 (!)Create an original sexy, funny, and cool professional video and submit it to us. The winners of the contest will be the one with the most views. All entries must be submitted to http://www.youtube.com/group/ppxcontest and registered on http://www.pinpointsx.com/contest/ by July 31st. Don’t wait – join this fun contest!!!!

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      I have to raise a RED FLAG on this one. Yeah, there are links to a contest with a thin amount of content that may or may not be legit. However, they want way too much personal info (DOB, snail-mail addie and youtube account name?)

      I would have deleted this, but members though there are legit contests out there remember your personal info is no longer personal once you fill out one of those online forms. It’s hard enough to safeguard your info with legit outfits. Let alone some ‘flyby day and night’ outfit like this. The longshot potential of winning $2500 (is that US, Canadian, Austrailian or Hong Kong?) isn’t worth the risk of some jackass stealing your identity.

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      Well, at least one good thing came out of this post. I learned that there are “Groups” in Youtube. I didn’t know that before.

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