P.Pro Will Not Play Mpeg2 File Correctly?

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      I have an AVI file which properties are: 576×432, BitRate:168kpbs, Duration:100mins, 29.97fps, NTSC.

      When I try to import it into P.Pro 1.5 into an NTSC session, it will not import, probably because of the unusual frame size?? (dont know for sure).

      I am trying ultimatley to produce a PAL Mpeg2 file so I can later auther it in Encore. I use a program called ”ConvertXtoDVD3″ which I can succesfully convert the original AVI file to a PAL Vob file.

      Then I use a program called ‘MagicConverter’ to convert the new Vob file to Mpeg2 with :720×576, 25fps.

      The resulting Mpeg2 file plays on windows media player, although now it says it’s only 16minutes long.

      I then create a PAL session in P.Pro 1.5 and import the new Mpeg2 file. It imports fine, however it now says the duration is only 16 minutes even though it should be 100mins. Also if I try to edit it in any way, all the audio comes out of sync and the whole thing seems to play random parts of the video.

      Can anyone tell me why this new Mpeg2 file I’ve converted will not work in P.Pro and the timings and everything is off???? Thanks.

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      Adobe Encore supports 32 subtitle tracks, that means you can add 32 different subtitle languages. Usually, there are two ways to add subtitle: 1) type every word into the “monitor” window, but first thing you should do is to create a new “subtitle track” in the ” timeline”, and then select ” add subtitle” in the “monitor” window, drug the “current-time indicator” to the correct time point, finally type the subtitle words in the ” monitor” window.
      The second way is more simple. You should create a script text, save as “UTF-8″ format. Then right click the blank space of” timeline”,select ” import subtitles>>text script” to import the text.

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