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      PPro CS3 running under XP SP3 will crash when I try to capture clips from my DV camcorder, Panasonic PV-GS400. It can see the camcorder, it will start playing the tape but nothing shows in the capture window and it will run from 7-10 seconds and then it will crash PPro.

      I have checked around the web for possible solutions. One was to remove webcam software, which I did (it was Logitech Webcam software). No change. I have tested the camera in other programs, Windows Movie Maker (could capture fine) and Sony Vegas 6.0d (could capture fine). I have adjusted various settings recommended by the Adobe forums but the result is the same, crash. I have reinstalled PPro CS3, still the crash happens. I have used different rolls of footage, same result.

      At first I thought the firewire port might be failing. But since I can capture from other programs I eliminated that idea. All of my software is up to date and I have reinstalled my video drivers. I don’t know if Quicktime, IE8 or some other piece is used by PPro and that the newer versions may cause this problem. I feel strongly that it stems from a change in the registry but don’t know where to start looking. Everything worked perfectly two months ago when I finished my last big project. Any help is greatly appreciated. If I don’t find a solution soon, I am moving to a Mac.

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      Can you capture using WinDV? It is a free capture program that works very well and can be used instead of capturing from Premiere. It is also good for helping to troubleshoot capture problems.

      I have Premiere Pro and Elements and do all of my capture with either WinDV for SD content and HDVSplit for High Def content.

      Still, you should not have any problems capturing from a SD MiniDV Camcorder. That is what works best with Premiere. Troubleshooting should not be too hard though.

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