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      I have the master collection for CS4. All the programs run great, After Effects, Encore, Photoshop, etc. But Premiere Pro either locks up or is just unperdictable if it will work. I have done updates for both the computer and adobe but no luck. This computer is defintelly built specifically for editing and ran great with CS3. But now that CS4 is on there, it is running bad. I have not been able to finish any project because of it.

      This is XP. I was debating installing Windows 7 Ultimate and then reinstalling CS4 and see if that helps. But I have read that some people experience slow issues with CS4 in PP.

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      I run MCCS3 and have similar slowdowns with both AFX and Premiere. I’ve found that when using raw HDV footage in my projects it takes forever for projects to load and there are slowdowns in performance when adding effects. I recently installed a BMD Intensity Pro card and converted HDV footage to uncompressed AVI’s and QT movies. The long project uploads and slowdowns only occur when I’m working on long form projects. Even those are barely noticeable compared to working with the raw HDV footage. Try converting your HDV or AVCHD footage to AVI or QT, you should see a significant improvement. BTW, I’m using Vista SP2

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      A friend of mine who is a professional photographer had “bad loads” with Photoshop–re-loading it fixed the problem. I’d try that before I upgraded the OS. Unless, of course, you just wanna upgrade. I’ve heard nothing but good thingsaboutWin 7 and will probably upgrade that this summer.

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      Not sure if the windows 7 will fix the issue. I have read a lot of people having slow issues with CS4 PP. Anyone else on here having that?

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