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      Hi, I just wanted to know one can bring a power point slide show to Premiere pro cs3 or After Effect..

      And on witch format you need save it under for exporting or importing. Any help will be much aprieciated.

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      There are a couple of ways to do this. First of all, by hardware (monitor output to recorder). And secondly, there is a number of convenient and handyfree screen recording software around.

      Here is what I normally do: My computer has an S-Video output jack that I use to stream video to my camcorder. If the audio is needed, I also have an RCA to 1/8″ adapter that I connect to my camcorder’s A/V cable. If you have a computer with S-Video output, you’ll be able to go through the same steps. Otherwise, you can get a VGA to S-Video adapter. If this is too much of a hassle, you could take the time to research for some good screen capture software.

      Hope this helps

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      One thought: power point transitions are pretty hokey to begin with. If you already have video editing software, Powerpoint lets you export slides as graphic files. Go to File>Save As, and select the format you want to save htem as (Note: I usually have pretty bad luck saving slides as .jpg files, but tiffs and pngs seem to work fairly well for me).

      Once you’ve saved your deck as a series of graphic files, you can drag them all into yur editing software, and use real dissolves and wipes as transitions. But that’s just anonther thought. There are a lot of ways to pull this off.

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      There is also Camtasia – This is an application that records whatever is on your screen (or any specific window on the screen) and saves it out to a video for further editing. Mostly used in demo video, it can record anything.

      That said, I agreee with the above poster, you can create a much better presentation in your NLE.

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