Potential music video-clip, anyone?

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      Hi there,

      This is Andrez Bergen, an expat Australian musician, DJ and journalist living in Tokyo.

      We’re looking for people to make videos for some of the tracks on a new release we are planning for 2008.

      Here’s the deal, just so everything is clear, though please keep most of the details under the cuff for now, as some parts are unconfirmed.

      We’re liaising with Inertia, a label in Australia, to do a 10th anniversary Little Nobody remix compilation. We already have mixes by Si Begg, Tobias Schmidt, Subhead, and Captain Funk; possibly Fila Brazilia this week.

      All these people are at the cutting edge of dance & electronic music.

      Everyone involved is doing it fer free – it’s a mates’ effort, but any profit made from the CD will be evenly split amongs all the artists (video artists as well). Mostly, it’ll be a good publicity vehicle for all involved, with a lot of exposure in the Australian and Japanese media. And it sounds downright awesome as well!

      So, one of the tracks I’d LOVE a video for is the first ever Little Nobody track, ‘Nobody’s Driving’, which was released in 1997 and will feature on this comp as well.

      You can have a listen here, to see if you’re inspired:

      If you are – and I hope so – and this arrangement suits you, please let me know. Or you can ask to hear the other mixes. If you do this, I’d owe you a million favours, and you can also use any of my muzak in future for any of your visual projects, if you so choose.

      Over to you – and cheers for contacting me, in advance!

      My email is: andrez_iffy[at]yahoo.co.uk


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