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      Post your favorite books on filmmaking with the author and a short description about the book.

      The Guerrilla Filmmaker Movie Blueprint by Chris Jones

      The books goes into heavy detail about the process of production and what role everyone plays in production covering crew sizes from 10-ish (low budget indie) to 40-ish (low budget industry), and i’m guessing if you’ve got a crew bigger than these you should probably already have enough experience and not not need this book. This is really an awesome book to have.

      Directing: Shot By Shot by Steven D. Katz

      This book teaches you the very technical, tedious, and often challenging process of visualizing your ideas for shots, being able to storyboard them, and then actually shooting them. There are over 20 chapters, but the book basically is divided into 3rds, visualizing, storyboarding, and shooting. The book contains many storyboards from Empire of the Sun, The Birds, Citizen Kane, and Blade Runner.

      Directing: Cinematic Motion by Steven D. Katz

      I’ve haven’t read this book yet, but I am going to be purchasing it very soon. It basically covers the non-technical aspects of directing, and focuses on blocking and staging your scenes with your actors within the frame. It’s a direct sequel to Shot by Shot. If it’s as good as that book was, I’ll be able to recommend it, but we’ll see. If anyone has already read it, please post your opinion.

      Directing Actors for Film and Television by Judith Weston

      Your actors are the elements that truly bring the screenplay and the film itself to life. So why not get the absolute most out of them. Judith Weston runs directing actors workshops across the country and based on what I read in the book, she must really know what she’s doing. This book educates you to better understand your actors in what’s going through their heads when they’re preparing their role and while on set, but also the different approaches you can take in helping them improve their performances and also to avoid the wrong approaches. I can also recommend this book to actors who are interest in film or television as it will help you direct yourself and better understand what the director is telling you.

      The Film Director’s Intuition by Judith Weston

      I bought this book last month and haven’t gotten the chance to read it quite yet. This book is an immediate sequel to Directing Actors. It covers script analysis and rehearsal techniques. If it turns out to be as good as Directing Actors I will be able to recommend it.

      Screenwriting for Teens: 100 Principles Every Budding Writer Should Know by Christina Hamlett

      No matter what age you are, this book is AWESOME. This book could easily be used as textbook for a screenwriting class at a high school. Basically each chapter is a principal, 1 page long, and on the back of that page are movies that you can watch that contain this principle and also brainstorming exercises that you can do. This can easily be a self-taught course. It’s a little over 200 pages, but you could easily read it in a week.

      I’ve got a bunch of other filmmaking books in my collection, but not any really great or unique ones that don’t have a couple hundred just like it.

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      Painting With Light <!–aoeui–>
      by John Alton

      Great book of film lighting

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      My favorite book so far has been – Grammar of the Film Language by Daniel Arijon. It covers camera positioning and angles thoroughly. Though it’s about 600 pages, it is a treasure for new filmmakers.

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