Possible to change FORMAT in iMovie 11?

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      I worked a long time on my project, and when I made a dvd, it turned out to be in standard format, and it cuts off the sides of my video and text. I don’t understand why it happened that way. If I started project in standard, then I should not loose the picture and text. It might be that I created a project in wide screen but then recorded a dvd in standard. What should I do? Please help, it looks awful! Thanks

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      did you keep the text within title safe?

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      I’m pretty sure that iMovie has a “safe title” area indicator you can utilize to ensure your titles, graphics, etc. are in the zone. I cannot remember exactly where it is in the menu bar, but you should be able to find it and utilize it for keeping things like that from happening.

      If NOT, then iDVD certainly does and you can wait until you’re in that program for opening titles, using the margins that program indicates to correct other graphics and titles in iMovie.

      It is likely that you either exceeded the safe title area, as Grinner notes, or as you indicated inadvertently set it up in widescreen standard definition. I’m not familiar with your version of iMovie, but you probably will have to go back into your project and reset your titles to fit inside the “safe” zone to correct THAT issue.

      You might be able to open your project in iMovie, then check in preferences for a way to change from widescreen to SD with 4:3 aspect ratio. OR, it may be that (if you used iDVD to burn it) you inadvertently selected a widescreen format there. All you have to do in that case is open a new file in iDVD, then when you select one of the program’s templates, be sure to select SD, 4:3 or regular aspect ratio. Usually, when you open a new iDVD file, a panel will come up noting that the template you selected is based on widescreen, and will ask if you wish to change it.

      See if this helps you out.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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