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      AvatarJennifer O’Rourke


      Hey everyone! From time to time we have short-term, part-time, or work-from-home gigs available at Videomaker, and I thought I’d send a few along in the forums post to let you know what we’re working on. I’m known as the “Content Wrangler” here at Videomaker, I hire the freelance writers, instructors, and producers for the magazine and website.

      Currently we’re looking for instructors to teach at our workshops held at our headquarters in Chico California. These workshops cover three days, and the instructors MUST live close enough to to go home nightly, because we don’t pay for hotel/motel expenses.

      We’re also looking for more objective and savvy reviewers for the equipment that come through our doors. Again, our policy, in most cases, require you to live nearby as we try not to ship product across the country, [cost and time] and our policies don’t allow the manufacturers to ship product directly to the reviewers. They must come through us.

      If you think you qualify, please read on. As always, I keep outside-the-area contacts on file, too, for writing our many columns and features, as well as possibly lecturing at our traveling conferences. So if you think you have what it takes to write about that subject we all love, VIDEO, please drop me a line.

      Jennifer O’Rourke


      Videomaker Inc., publisher of Videomaker Magazine, is looking for Northern California area Video Producers who can instruct on the concepts of video production and teach at our occasional workshops held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Videomaker headquarters in Chico. We are also seeking freelance candidates who can evaluate and review products for our magazine/website.


      Do you know how to produce video using consumer gear well enough to teach techniques to others? Do you understand the technology well enough to explain it? Do you have a command of the business or legal aspects of video production? Do you have tips to share with aspiring videographers? Do you speak well before groups?

      Instructors MUST have a good understanding of the basics of video production, including but not limited to: Lighting techniques, studio setup, location sound gathering, shooting techniques and video editing. The video editing segment of the workshops require the instructors to understand Adobe Premiere Pro and the ability to teach and perform the following editing techniques: insert editing using multiple video tracks, audio insert editing including dialog, music and sound effects, basic titles and uploading a finished project to our YouTube channel.

      Instructors will begin working with a class that has been in lectures in the morning on Fridays, taking the theory learned from those classes to practical use with production planning using shot sheets and story boards, followed by shooting the planned project in both studio and on location on Saturday and finally editing the finished product for a final showing and uploading to YouTube Sunday afternoon.

      Pay for the weekend is $400.

      There will be two or more tracks run simultaneously and the work hours are Friday from 1:00 to 5:00, Saturday form 8:00 to 5:00 and Sunday from 8:00 to 1:00. You must be available at all of the workshop times. No split schedules. The next workshop dates are August 7-9th 2009, October 9-11th 2009 and December 4-6th 2009.

      This link takes you to the Workshop events page on our website: http://events.videomaker.com/

      Only video producers with the skill level to teach a class on video production techniques should apply.


      We also need skilled video producers with writing abilities to test product for review. These reviewers must have a good command of writing skills and the ability to objectively test video production equipment. This equipment includes consumer to prosumer camcorders, mics, lights, hardware and editing software. Product reviews must reflect expertise as well as good grammar and composition for publishing in Videomaker magazine and our website.


      Videomaker is always looking for Northern California video producers, freelance review writers and workshop instructors. We’d like to know who you are. Please contact us to be added to our local producer database for assignments, video producing related events and included in social announcements in the video production circles in the Northern California area.

      Please contact Jennifer O’Rourke at editor@videomaker.com and put “Chico Workshops”, “Employment Opportunities” or “Review Writers” in the subject line.

      Know someone else who knows video? Tell them about this opportunity and/or send us their names and email addresses. If possible, please copy and post this where other videographers may see it!

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      Madame Chick,

      Too bad you guys are unable to open the circle beyond Northern California. Sounds like there might be some interesting work.

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      Yea I agree. I’d help out if you guys started workshops in Philadelphia.

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      AvatarJennifer O’Rourke

      Actually, Composite1 and Robgrauert… for the workshops we need people who live in town, obviously, and for our product reviews we prefer them to be local due to the quick turnaround of shipping product. However, I do hire freelance writers for our articles, features and columns. Contact me via editora@videomaker.com if you’re interested and we’ll talk.

      Jennifer [A.K.A. VideoChick]

      Managing Editor, Videomaker, Inc.

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      Madame Chick,

      Sounds interesting. I’ll drop you an e-mail to discuss it further.

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      This is nice! Please count me in. I’m a videomaker and article writer at the same time.



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      AvatarJennifer O’Rourke

      Hi Chamberlane altatis. I see you might be interested in freelance writing with Videomaker. contact me at my email: jorourke@videomaker.com

      Jennifer O’Rourke

      Managing Editor – Videomaker

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      I am a Chico State student majoring in Media Arts in communication. I would love to contribute with any sort of help for workshops or video work around here. I love editing video and have worked with the Chico State award-winning newspaper as a videographer and video editor for two semesters. Let me know if you would be interested in meeting sometime for some more information.

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      VideoCHick- bring some Videomaker workshops to Florida. If you are interested let me know – I would be more than happy to help you make it happen.

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      Yes it is a shame. I know I probably live south of the videomaker headquarters, Only in Canada, 3/4 of the continent away.

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      I’d love to freelance for you guys. I live in New Mexico, but I have several clients on both coasts, so I travel there frequently. I’d be happy to take care of my own expenses. Let’s talk.

      Toby Younis



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      AvatarJennifer O’Rourke

      Hi, guys… we would LOVE to open up workshops in you areas and other parts of the world, but we currently are only doing workshops in our hometown. If we do change and start the traveling again, I’ll post a call out!

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      Would you be willing to be a sponsor if we produce a workshop locally?

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      Hi there, Rosie in Thailand here, not really able to help, regarding teaching workshops or reviewing due to the distances involved, but we teach underwater videography and post-production over here, would this subject be something that videomakers would be interested in hearing more about?



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      Hi Jennifer! This workshop makes me excited and more interesting about video making. I’m looking forward to join with you guys!

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      AvatarJennifer O’Rourke

      @ Andrew James… are you local? I can only hire local people for our workshops. I’ve had people offer to travel on their own dime, because they’re so enthusiastic to teach video and work with Videomaker, but it’s too difficult for planning purposes, and if someone can make it at the last minute, I’m scrambling to find someone at 7:00 in the morning on a Workshop Friday! contact me for more on this discussion at my Videomaker email: jorourke@videomaker.com

      @MediaFish – I’m not sure of Videomaker’s policy regarding sponsorships, contact me and we’ll talk more.

      @Rosie – we’ve done a few underwater features, contact me.

      For anyone else reading these posts who might be interested in more information, Contact me at jorourke@videomaker.com – we’re also looking for writers for our publication and websites

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      Is this still going down? As a former software trainer for Apple and professional video producer for 6 years, I am ABSOLUTELY interested in teaching classes!

      Let me know!

      Jonathan Acosta


      Acosta Productions

      Owner | Lead Producer


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      I have some experience with video editing but im not living in north california. It’s possible to do some kind of work at home?

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