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      I was thinking about the drawbacks of having interlaced video footage when all computer monitors are progressive scan and perhaps some day all tvs will be progressive scan. In fact, is it true that Plasma and LCD TVs only output progressive scan video? I know that deinterlacing is a possible solution, but we know that reduces the quality of the video and reduction and video quality tends to show more and more as TV resolutions will keep improving. But I was thinking if it would be theoretically possible to view interlaced video as interlaced on a monitor that supposedly only outputs progressive scan. When we watch interlaced dvds on the computer they weave the upper and lower fields so that it seems as if we’re seeing the two fields at once. Of course this works and doesn’t work depending on the amount of movement. But couldn’t a media player be programed to show each field separately? I mean on interlaced TVs one field always remains black when the other field is being drawn, right? Couldn’t a computer’s media play simply draw black lines and essentially show 60 (or 50) frames per second? Does that make sense? Is it a matter of the monitors refresh rate? I suppose I computer would also have to be powerful enough to play 60 or 50 high resolution frames per second. It just seems to me that this would be better than weaving or deinterlacing frames.
      So, I guess my main question is is it theoretically possible to watch interlaced video as interlaced on a monitor or TV that only outputs progressive scan? I say theoretically because I assume that it isn’t possible now given what software and hardware we currently have available.

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