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      HI Guys,

      I have decided that i enjoy editing so much that i would like to make a career out of it, but i have no formal qualifications.

      So, i have decided that i would like to put my work so far into a portfolio, but dont know how to go about doing this.

      I dont know if i would be better to take the best bits from each project and make them into one short film real, or if i would be better to simply get all the projects together and send them in to any prospective employer.

      I would like an employer to see all the work i have done, as i design the covers and marketing for any project which i create.

      Does anyone have an opinion on this or indeed has anyone done this already?

      Thanks in advance,


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      create a business plan.
      decide who your customer base is.
      break it down into categories. (ie: coporate, wedding, advertising etc)
      create demos/marketing materials for each category.
      find ways to get the materials to your targeted customers.
      if the work is good, you’ll gt the jobs. If you don’t get the jobs, find out why, then adreess those issues and try again.

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      Another list:
      Dont quit your day job.
      Make great demos for every niche you are interested in pursuing. Suggest your greatest hits demos be in the 5 to 10 minute range. If a prospect wants to see a whole production, consider a re-edit ultra super fine directors cut.
      What kinds of audiences have seen your stuff. Do you get a positive vibe from third parties who dont feel obligated to give you friendly feedback? A resume of admissions to short film festivals would be of interest to prospects. In DC there are numerous opportunities to show clips from works in progress. Some auteurs bring Kleenex to these events. No need to explain.
      One of your early posts indicated you were shooting body building contests with Canon XL-1. There was a guy in Portland OR in the late 90s who had a weekly Cable Access TV show where he featured his sports shoots, mainly body building and motorcross. This was basically free advertising for his video business, showing his quality videos and frequently running CGs on the screen saying Hire Me. Something to consider.
      There are some crazy old guys out there with money (i.e., crazy cool; old equals over 40) trying to get better gigs for their country and western and blues bands. (They have well paying jobs outside of music to support their music habit.) A three camera setup of a live gig, plus 20 DVDs of the best work in front of (theirs) and behind the camera (yours) for them to show club owners could be a possible niche. Of course you need samples of this kind of work to start the discussion. The c&w guy came to me when I was just fooling around with a cam. He didnt blink at $500 so if I was serious I would probably double that (for starters).
      REGARDS TOM 8)

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