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portable wireless audio equipment

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    I am trying to find a quality hand held &/or lav WIRELESS microphone that I can plug into my camera, WHILE IN THE FIELD (battery operated…)

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    BandH has plenty of wireless lavs to choose from. It’s where I got mine. Your local camera stores will have em as well.

    I’ve neverhad a use for handhelds. Some reporters still like them becuase they don’t know what to do with their hands but I find them to be limiting and distracting. They also create deer in the headlights vibe for those not use to being on camera.

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    I have the Sennsenheiser EW100 G2 ENG… It is a wireless lav system… However, you can get a hand held option too… They are now up to G3 (G2 was last years model… )… I love it… Great sounds.. Battery operated… You can get it at B&H or on Ebay….

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