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      Hey all! I’ve searched around for HD recommendations, and while I’ve got a great Lacie Firewire drive, that I love. Had it for year sand it does Protools/logic/ and FCE with easy; I need more storage and need a HD that’s portable preferably USB/Firewire powered in the 500gb range. To be used on my Mac which travels, and I’m looking to be as portable as possible.

      Currently looking at Passports (essential and studio), seagate freeagent go, & Lacie (Rugged/Little Disk) all at 500gb, and wanted feedback on which would be the best performance wise and/or cost wise. And if there is another drive to consider, please let me know.



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      I must recommend a Smart Disk firelite drive….you can get a 500GB that fits in the palm of your hand.How’s that for portability? πŸ™‚

      Theyrun at5400Rpm instead of 7200 but they’ll still work fine withfinal cut. If prortability is what you’re looking for…these are for you.

      Firelites used to be very expensive because they were so small, but the prices have fallen dramatically like all HD’s…especially since they’ve been bought out by verbatim:


      If you want an excellent standard external hard drive, I must recommend one of these guys…They haven’t failed be yet!


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      I use LaCie drives. In my experience, they’ve always been reliable.

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      Personally, I just bought an External drive enclosure (IEEE 1394) and put my 1TB Seagate drive inside.

      It cost me all of $130. (HD=$110& Ext Encl=$20).

      Granted the drive was on sale from Best Buy but they now have 1.5TB drive for $130.

      Good luck.

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