Poor HV30 video quality using FCE 3.5 HD

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      I use a Canon HV30 in DV mode. Edit with FCE 3.5 HD. When viewed on full screen, or when written to DVD using iDVD, video is jittery, very pixellated.

      Tried filming in HD. Captured in FCE 3.5 HD with 1080i60 codec. Same problem. Video is very jittery and pixellated. Not much difference in quality between HD and DV. Both are poor quality video.

      I’ve read lots of forums that say HV30 has great video quality. I haven’t experienced this when editing. What a I overlooking or should do differently.

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      I have a Hv30 and the quality is great. Maybe you have the digital effects turned on.

      Here is a Video I put on youtube

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