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      I shot in a church the other day and all the audio came from the speakers. When the priest talked it’s good quality, but when guest speakers talk sound is very muffled and unable to clearly hear what is being said.
      Is there anything I can do to fix audio? What program gives you capibilities to pick sound apart?

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      Depending on the NLE editing program you are using, there may be some good sound tools. I use Sony vegas and Final cut pro, both of which allow for a lot of control in sound editing and repair. Make sure to adjust your volumes and use an equalizer to remove unwanted hiss particularly in the lows. Otherwise try adobe audition or if you can find an old version, it’s cool edit pro. If you can set some volume envelopes that will help to balance out your audio so that it is all the same volume too.



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      I have cool edit pro (an older version) if you want it.

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      compusolver Wrote:

      Man! You need to be a little more careful about offering copyrighted software in public. I know you’re just trying to help someone, but you could probably end up in court and having your computers seized.

      I had some young friends in Dallas who had it happen. They’d copied some Microsoft programs and burned copies for some of their friends (several dozen copies, I think). FBI raided their houses & seized computers and stuff. They got huge fines and probation for (I think) five years. On top of all that they now have felony convictions in their records. The feds didn’t have much more to go on than a message like the one you just left when they raided their houses.

      The fact that its an old version and the company sold out does not affect the copyrights one bit.

      Hey, if the feds take your computer, send me your mouse pad, OK? Mine’s getting sorta nasty. X-D

      Haha. Actually It’s a legit copy my brother (a musician) gave me when he switched to another program. I don’t need it and I’m not making copies. I’m pretty sure It’s ok to sell or give away software if you own it legally.

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      Haha. Actualy I don’t have a mousepad. The Feds took that last year! J/K

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