Police checks on videographers

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      Hi, being a Brit I am interested to know what, if any, restrictions or laws affect videographers in the USA with regard to filming, for instance, a school track & field or gymnastics event.

      In Britain, we must have a CRB check, (Criminal Records Bureau) to certify that the applicant has never been convicted of a sexual crime. Schools, swimming pools and leisure centres have strict rules about filming sporting activities on their premises, To be honest, the rules are often ridiculous.

      This year, I filmed the Wales senior indoor track & field championships but didn’t record the junior champs because the age-groups involved were Under15s, Under17s and Under20s and if one parent had objected to having his or her son or daughter filmed, I would not have been able to film that particular race or event. I do put a clause in my contract that the client is responsible for obtaining permissions and the more enlightened clubs are realising that the type of publicity and exposure their club or sport can get is worth the effort of adding a disclaimer on their membership forms to be signed by the child’s parent or guardian.

      I would be interested in any opinions or case histories that anyone might want to add to this thread.


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      Grinner Hester

      IN the US we just need a permit for public places (and don’t really “need” that) and permission for shooting on private property. Technically we have to have releases signed by folks or their guardians to use thir likeness na video but not if we shoot ti at a public event. It’s as easy as getting them to agree on camera though. I use no contracts/releases and I’ve never gotten a permit to shoot at a public place. I just do it. That’s worked fine for more than a quarter of a century.

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      it sounds like common sense whereas in the UK it often sounds like hysteria. There are cases where Joe and Josephine Public have been stopped from photographing Joe Jnr swimming because “other children” might be in the photograph. As with many things British – the lawmakers go way over the top and prohibit everything just to protect something. Good to get an American slant on things,

      Thanks Grinner

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      I record school events where my daughter goes to school all the time. I’ve never had anyone ask me anything, and I’ve seen dozens of other parents doing it, too. That said, if I was zooming in on a kid who wasn’t mine, or if I was there with all my gear it might be different. But even then, a phone call ahead of time would probably resolve that.

      Certainly no criminal background check, that’s for sure.

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