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      I have purchased a new Sony PMW-EX1 and I am editing on Premier Pro CS3 (mac). Premier won’t work with the MP4 files that the EX1 generates. Does anyone know a way around this. I have found two third-party software solutions (Cineform and Mainconcept) but both are prettyexpensive, for that much money I would rather just buy FCP. Any other solutions?

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      Premiere will work with some MP4 files, problem is they are all not the same just like AVI and MPEG.

      There are probably 20 different types of files with a .AVI extension, all very different in actual structure, same goes for the many flavors of MPEG.

      You can try converting the files with Quicktime Pro $30, you can convert them to DV-AVI and those will work just fine.

      If you are going to work with that camera and file format I recommend you do move to FCP, it will make your life a lot easier πŸ˜‰

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      Some are claiming CineForm works for them. I have also found that MainConcepts MPEG Pro HD3 gives Premiere the ability to work with XDCam footage, just as transparently as HDV footage, minus the ability to play back on a second monitor with a dual-head graphics card. Sound is there, as with video and the MainConcept CODEC appears to bring all the functionality for .MXF files. So the workflow is XDCam -> Sony Clip Browser -> Export to MXF -> import to Premiere.

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      I'm not new to EX1, but still be troubled while working EX1 footage in Premriere Pro on Mac. I've tried the Cineform and Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac. The later one is the app I choosed finally for encoding my XDCAM EX MP4 to MPEG-2 output video. And my Premiere Pro CS5 can ingest the mpg files directly.



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      Thank you for your sharing. I have tried the software. It works well for me. Thank you again. 

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