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      I have a question about the Plus Membership. Does the fee for the Plus membership include a subscription to Videomaker Magazine (Hard Copy)? Or is it an either or case, I have to sub to Videomaker magazine to get it, but I do not get it I do just the Plus. I want to sign up for the Plus, but I also want the Videomaker Magazine in hard copy. I don’t want to have to choose.


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      Good question.  I had to go back and figure out what I had done.

      I have the Plus membership, I think it came with one free issue.  I purchased a 3 year subscription for $49 more.  WIth the Plus membership you can access the online magazine and see the new articles as they are prepared for the next issue.  I hate to admit it, but I like to have a hard copy (my nook color stinks as a magazine browsing tool).

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      I was looking at the price of the subscription vs plus, the sub price is lower, and the plus price mentions access to the online magazine. I had tried a digital sub, but I just do not like reading my magazines on a computer, so I dropped it. I intend to resub but to hard copy. However I would like the features of a plus membership but with a hard copy magazine.

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