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      Hi all,

      What would you say is a good plugin collection start-up to own for Adobe Premiere Pro for an intermediate ? I know it’s though to say, but between you and me, I like the options Boris plugins can do, but for a regular guy like me, paying above 1000$ for a serie of effect is out of the question.

      What, according to you are the best-kept secrets in terms of plugins ?

      Thank you for your multiples inputs!


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      i can’t believe no one has answered your question, start with the Red Giant software (Magic Bullet) then later you can add the Boris products. Also do some search on the net there are always some freeware that you can download.

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      My advice is that you should not worry about plug ins just yet and learn after effects. AE can do much more than any plug in and knowing AE can get you a job. Knowing Boris plugins will not do that. Add this to the fact that if you bought the budle you already have AE and I would say that it is a no brainer where you should focus your studies. As for how to go about learning AE start with they have a great supply of AE video tutorials (they are even available on iTunes as a video podcast just search for creative cow). Also the Creating Motion Graphics series by Chris and Trish Meyer is great. AE is not near as easy to learn as premiere (which is why not near as many people are graphic artists and compositors) but it is easy once you get some key concepts down. (the work is difficult but the software is easy) Also Magic bullet is awesome I would definitely get a copy of that if you want a great color manipulation software.

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