PLEASE PLEASE tell me what I need to do!!!!!

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I ordered the education version of Xpress Pro. It didn't come with a book or anything!!!

I'm trying to capture footage from a mini dvcam tape. I inserted the tape into my camera (sony pd170) the first capture worked. Then I tried to capture more footage and an error message appeared.

Exception: A non-drop frame tape was inserted. A drop frame tape was expected. Please insert the correct dropframe tape.

I'm soooooooo frustrated!!! I never changed tapes this is the same tape that I started with. WHY is this happening. it's like the tape switched from non-drop to drop frame on its own.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me!! What do I need to do??

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This is a common issue some people have with Avid when starting out. This link shows a work around that should help you fix your problem.