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      Please watch this video, we are making it to give voice to homeless youth in our community. I would love some feedback!

      I am serious about improvement, if you take the time to give feedback, ill take the time to perfect it!

      Thank you!

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      Hey! Good job! The audio sounds OK.Don’t notice anything bad. Except it’s very quiet. Iraised the volume all the way up and even then it was a little quiet.At 11:50 it gets a little loud.

      I think there is too many jump cuts and zooms and the wipe around 7:30 with the red and black ring is a little odd, but it’s mostly pretty good. I also thought the zooming/scaling credits at the end were a little too upbeat for what you were trying to achieve.

      Why does it go black and silent from 17:00to around 19:00?

      Good job! Did you end up using Audacity?

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      This looks really good. Definitely next time you go out, get a nice boom mic to carry around, its a hassle, but the sound will be so much better. There seems to be a small blur on the overall footage, it may have been intentional, but when people you are interviewing are on the left or right side of the screen, it seems a little out of focus. This seems like a really great project. Make sure you correct the blank space as well. Overall it was good. Watch your music placement and your sound levels. But more than anything, I would suggest getting a boom mic if you are planning on going further than this production. I myself am involved in a homeless film this summer called Simply Alive. It is a great project working with the people of Skid Row. I grew up on the streets of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and understand what its like to be homeless. Much Love and support,


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