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      Hey everyone! What a GREAT website! I am already learning a lot from this site. I was wondering if you all wouldnt mind sharing some of your advice with me. I am looking to take my filming and video editing to a more professional level. I currently have a Hard Drive HD cam, and edit on and extreme edition PC using pinnacle (and dabble in Premiere).

      My main issue is that even with 2.66 i7 quad core machine, 6GiGs of Ram, 2 Gigs of video memory, and a dedicate HD sound card I still have a system that crashed while editing, or just simply takes FOREVER to do rendering. So my first question is:

      Is there a specific machine for editing out there you all recommend and have used without problems? If so what are the specs, price, etc? Im sure a Mac will be the answer, I was just hoping to stick to a PC.

      I also realize my issues may be simply the software. As much as I love Pinnacle, perhaps a switch over completely to Adobe is necessary. Would anybody agree with this? Or does anybody have Pinnacle Studio running smoothly on their PC?

      Finally, Im looking to get a more high end/professional camera. One which can have mics added, lights (like an HD field camera) However my budget is only between 2 and 3 thousand. I also would prefer one that uses a hard drive as opposed to DAT tapes. Do you guys have any recommendations about that?

      Sorry for all the questions. I just know you all are the most knowledgeable in this area, so I figured I should start my research with the best. Ok im off to read more on the site!

      Thanks in advance!

      Jason :o)

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      The spec’s on your machine are more than adequate for HD editing. I don’t use pinnacle as it is consumer software and the problems you’re having may be due to you asking more from it than it’s capable of. Adobe’s suite of software would be a fine choice or on the strictly PC side, the Sony suite of products is good as well and superior for sound work. Mac’s are a good choice too though not the ‘end all’ solution their advertising hypes them to be.

      With two or three K on hand for a camera, there are lots of good choices. If as you say you’re looking to move into the pro arena an HD camera is going to be a good option. Now, you can still get solid imagery from DV based cameras but the tech is rapidly getting phased out. HDV will be around for a while longer but AVCHD is becoming the standard as working ‘tapeless’ gains in popularity. You’ll be looking for a ‘prosumer’ camera and you can find them on B&H Photo/Video, Adorama and other websites. Pro cameras run at $3k and up so unless you’re willing to gas up your budget, a prosumer rig will be a good bet. Oh and cameras don’t use DAT tapes (digital audio tape). Your options for camera recording media currently are; internal harddrive, tape, flash media and portable harddrives. Each has their bennie’s and P.I.A’s associated with them so you’ll have to decide what works best for you.

      Hope that starts the ball rolling for you.

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