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      I have a friend who is using Sony Vegas Pro 11 (build 511) on Windows 7. He has been having insanely bad crashing issues, and claims there is no pattern to them. He just bought a brand new, radiator-cooled video card (and computer) because the old one wasn’t up to par. When he got his new computer, I went to help him open his project up because Vegas crashed every time he tried to reconnect some missing photos. I don’t know what I did differently than him, but it did not crash for me the whole night. He has used the program before successfully, and I don’t know the first thing about it. Does anyone out there have ANY ideas? He is at wits end and about to abandon his project.

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      I have had similar problems and also random BSOD events. I’m wondering if it has something to do with the SSDs I used for the build. Is he using SSDs?

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      I too have had problems with Pro 11 (build 512 – 64 bit) crashing for no apparent reason – In those cases, I rebuilt the project (VEG file) by copying and pasting each event (Vegas allows multiple copies to be open at the same time). I also save much more frequently and at the start of a new day of editing, save the VEG to a new file and keep the old one as my last working copy just in case.

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      They do have another build now for Vegas 520/521 you might try downloading this update to see if it helps. Mine has been had a lot of bugs but I have been able to find some work around’s for it. It seems everybody’s problems have been different. Also try with GPU accelerated on and off to see if it makes a diffrence

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      Last year it took 3-4 months for Pro 10 to be comfortably stable. I am guessing 11 will be about the same. Hopefully mostly ironed out very soon. The features that 11 has and the speed though make it worth using.

      Maybe I am OCD though. Every time I save a file, which is multiple times per hour, I always save it as a new file. Heck, I had a 20 minute wedding ceremony labeled up to “Ceremony017”. The file size is minimal, I just like the peace of mind of being able to go backwards in steps, though it is rarely needed.

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      Thank you everyone, I appreciate the suggestions.

      @Sally4u: Thanks for confirming crashes are random. I don’t believe he is using SSDs.

      To the others, I will try to reply on my coffee break as it is now time to go to work…

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