Please help, Trouble in Sony Vegas

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      I am working on a project for my school, but whenever I open up the file, it loads to about 37% until it stops, I’e given it about and hour, but it stays stuck. no error messages or anythhing like that… Whats the problem and how do I fix it?? Is it something as simple as giving it more time? thanks for your help…

      Skyborne Productions

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      That is tricky

      if you are prepared, i would keep all the files on the computer, but re-instal the software.

      So if there is any bugs, they will be removed from the software

      It also helps a LOT if you restart the computer immideatly before doing the task you are tring to compleat

      tell me if it works

      -Films inc Media

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      What version of Vegas? Also what is your system configuration?

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      Hum this may sound strange but while your video is loading and it stops try hitting your space bar a couple of times to see if that gets it started again or Ctrl+Alt/ Like I said this may sound weired but try I know that on my vegas and some others on the vegas forum where having problems loading Vegas the splash picture would show up Vegas would start loading then freeze by doing what I suggested vegas would conrinue on and load no kidding. Do not know if this would work for you or not but give it a try who knows

Viewing 3 reply threads
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