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      So I went to Japan to film a customer testimonial video for the company I work for and the video has a very bad flicker on the back-round….I think it may be from the fluorescent lights and need help removing it. It was shot on a Canon XH-A1 and I have Final Cut Pro 2 and Adobe Premiere Pro 2 so I have both platforms to work on. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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      Would it be possible for you to upload a few seconds of the bad video to the internet, and post a link here? If we can see the problem, we may be able to help come up with a solution.

      If your camera was stationary, and your talking head wasn’t moving much, a garbage matte and a new background, possibly a still frame from your interview, would probably do the trick. The biggest potential issue is that the flicker might be hitting your subject, which would make this look very unnatural, but I can’t tell, since I can’t see the video.

      Worst case scenario, you can use your software to lower the contrast. This might solve some of your flicker problem, but at the expense of a greatly washed out, dull image.

      Again, seeing a clip would help others to develop a solution.

      If you can’t get that to work, I’m experienced in After Effects and other special effect programs, and I can probably solve your problem. I can’t do it for nothing, but I’m probably significantly less expensive than a round trip flight from the US back to Japan to re-film!

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      I remember watching an After Effects tutorial that showed how you could do it but I can’t remember the exact technique now. I’ll try to look it up.

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      If you could please find that tutorial I would be very thankful! I am an experienced videographer but have never seen this before. I will upload a few second clip tomorrow.

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