Please Help Me !! Wedding on Camera Lighting

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      What Type of Low Cost on Camera Lighting is best for weddings and receptions? and what Wattage is Best?

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      I am going to warn you right now, you will get many people saying that if you have the right camera, lights are not necessary.

      That being said…
      Make sure you get the bride’s permission to use the lights because they are pretty intrusive and you don’t want to just turn them on when no one is expecting them.
      2nd… Just show the bride what it will look like without them then show her how good it will look with them.

      Regarding what type…
      Make sure you have an external power source other than your camera battery cause it will suck the juice. I work with a 50 watt’er and it is good but see what others say.

      Brand wise…
      I just got mine from ebay brand new. Works great.

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