Please help me pick a cam for my races.

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      Hi Guys. Im looking for something very specific. I need a camera to put into my car during racedays to film my races. These are the features most important to me.

      1) Image stabilization.
      2) Remote control to activate recording.
      3) Able to film in Low light / Sundown
      4) External Microphone Jacks.
      5) Firewire Jack.

      Im a real newb with camera’s. The futureshop guy suggested a Canon ZR300 but it doesnt have an Microphone Jack and I want opinions from people who dont make money off me before I take the dive. Cheaper is better but it must have the features I listed above and be a more or less quality camera. Thanks very much.


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      I shoot weddings with a Sony 2000. I believe the new model is the 2100. Has all the attributes you want, and handles low light like a champ.

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      go for a panasonic gs200 with a cigar camera, i have one of these, the camera sit in a pelican case which is water & dust proof and the hemut cam sits where ever you want. use the lanc control and you’ll never look back (unless you turn the camera around ) and it also has sound as well and the quality is good too


Viewing 2 reply threads
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