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      Hi folks.

      I’m doing a video about the history and evolution of a type of gymnastic which include photos, videos and speech. It will present all the beginning until now.

      I separated in chapters as:

      – Intro
      An intro with images showing fast movements and maybe interlacing with speech so the viewer can have an idea about what he will watch and know about.

      – Who is the mentor
      The person who created it talking and then put transitions to photos about his personal life as young, developing the gymnastic while he talks.

      – The gymnastic
      All the informations about the beginning of it, influences of other stuffs, trainings, etc.

      – The evolution
      First classes about the gymnastic, seminars, new movements developed, etc.

      – Expansion
      All the media stuff like newspaper and magazine articles, tv appearance…

      I’m working on Adobe Premiere and I don’t know if it is good to put some effects in this video? Maybe just in the introduction.
      – What you guys think?

      I need some help to learn about how default the image size I will use for all photos.
      – Should I put some effects with A.E or I can do it just using Premiere? I see a lot of videos with pictures effects like zoom, etc.

      Another think I’m having difficult is to get a good song for this type of video.
      – You guys have any idea?

      I think that’s all I need to know. Sorry about that, but I think you guys can help me!


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