please help me decide on my first wedding camcorder!

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      Hello everyone,

      I know there are quite a few post already asking for help in choosing a camcorder however i feel i need to add one more post to ask for help.

      I work with my husband (a photographer) doing the styling and make-up for his photography but we have now decided to go into weddings and thought it would be a good idea to offer video along side photography. The thing is he will not be able to do both photography and video and i will therefore have to do it. I am a total beginer and we have a few wedding coming up in the next few weeks and i would like to take the opportunity to learn how to use a camcorder and pratice at the weddings.

      I am however having difficulty in choosing a camcorder. I was thinking of the sony hd1000e but not sure if this is a good choice as i have been told it might not be good for when the couples are having their first dance because of the lighting or in the church.

      would this be my best option baring in mind i have never used a camcorder before but need good quality images and something professional enough for weddings.

      i want to spend about 1000 pounds and was also considering second hand. what do you guys think?

      many thanks

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