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      I bought myself a Sony HVR-HD1000U a month ago, I then ordered a Firewire PCI card in order to export tapes from the video camera, installed the PCI card and installed the drivers, problem is I can’t figure out how to export it. Please can someone help me, I’m getting very frustrated with this camera. Is there a program I can download or is it that I’m not doing something right? Please I really need help with this.

      Thanks in advance,

      House of Brouse Productions

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      You need an editing program such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier, Avid, Vegas, and there’s many more. Some have free trial downloads on the internet. I know Avid has one.

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      Avid does not offer the free trial anymore. I would advise you to go to download the trial version of Sony Movie Studio. It is a smaller, cheaper version of Sony Vegas Pro. It is a 30 day trial and you will be able to capture and edit your HD video using it. Hope this helps.


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      Or try Movie edit pro. Free trial download here. πŸ™‚

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      avid’s original free trial is still in a secret place, but they have a new one i’m checking out. you don’t want avid anyway. Get Movie Edit Pro, Vegas, premiere or final cut.

      Maybe HouseofBrouse means he can’t get export his video off his camera into his computer? Maybe?

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