Please Help, Jammed miniDV Tape

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      I failed to close the tape loading door on one of my camcorders carefully.
      The camcorder now damages miniDV tapes so that the tape does not return fully into the cassette. That camcorder is being repaired.

      The damaged tapes jam in other camcorders. Of course I’d like to save the recorded material and dub it to a fresh tape. I tried taking a damaged cassette apart and placing the reels and tape in a new cassette (same brand). I hoped that the damage was to the reel locking mechanism and that the tape would play OK in the new cassette, after I got past the crinkled part.

      I played the tape played briefly in the new cassette, in another camcorder, but it jammed at the end of rewind. I played it again and found that the section I had played before was damaged and didn’t play right. Upon examination of the tape, I found that it was being damaged along the lower edge.

      I still want to save the contents of that tape. (At least the part of the tape that isn’t damaged yet.) I don’t want to damage the contents further by uninformed attempts at repair.

      If you have any experience with similar problems, please advise. This post relates to a similar problem in the “crinkling tape” thread but may not be the same.

      Thanks in advance for your help.

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      Ah yes, losing valuable tape is a drag all right. Have you considered a tape doctor??? You may have to pay a professional price, but it sounds like it may be worth it for you.
      If you don’t have a reputable tape doctor in your neighborhood, check out this website re a high end transfer service in the Northern Virginia area. I have not done business with them yet, but their site reflects knowledge and integrity. Might not hurt to contact them and talk. Good luck.
      Here is address:

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