Please help fast – Frame rate for slow motion

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      I am filming a wedding and was wondering what frame rate and shutter speed you guys are using to get the clearest video, but still be good for slow motion.

      24p vs. 30p vs. 60i???

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      I shoot everything at 60 fields (30frames) per second unless I’m looking for a specific FX. Higher framerates will provide a clearer frame recorded to tape but fast moving things look strobed. Adobe Premiere does a pretty good job at creating slow motion FX with standard 29.97 video. I guess it depends on how slow you want to go with it.

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      I agree with the frame rate. I use slo-mo quite frequently… mostly to hide glitches. I generally like to exagerate the slow feeling and go at a rate of 300%. Example, make a 1 second segment, 3 seconds in duration.

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