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      Can someone please help a newbie? I am attempting to create virtual “open house” walk thrus of real estate listings for the internet–eventually posting to youtube as well. I am very new to AVP, can some one please recommend a camera and software package to get high quality videos to my website (trying to keep costs down). Also, should I invest in a Mac, too? Any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

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      Grinner Hester

      You can find camcorders at Best Buy, windows comes with Movie Maker, and I’m not sure what you’d do with a mac at his point. You can find god light kits on and I recomend a glidecam from ebay. You may opt for a tripod per room but if I were looking at homes, I’d want an actual walk through. Light accordingly.

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      You can probably do just fine with a consumer video camera – try to get one with optical image stabilization and you can get away without the GlideCam, but you may want to invest in something like this (only $60):

      If you shoot during daylight hours, you might get away without lighting (I’ve seen many real estate vids with just ambient light, and they looked more than good enough. Although, for darker parts of the home you can never go wrong with type of lighting.

      Grinner is also correct about Windows Movie Maker on your existing PC – I’ve seen some fairly good stuff done with it – Invest in a Dummies book do get you started with it. If you find you want to do more, there are other options available like Sony Vegas Movie Studio for < $100 – Free, fully functional 30 day trials of all Sony software here:

      Also, if you haven’t registered at the following website, it would serve you well to do so:

      Good luck.

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