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      How do I promote my video on YouTube? We created this viral animated video about cord blood to bring this life-giving subject to the attention of the public.
      The clip is both entertaining and educational. You guys are the experts. What do you recommend to make this video go viral? Please give my video a “Like”.

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      It is tough to say what will make the video go viral. Most of it is finding the right audience.

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      Sara, you will find’experts’ here who know a lot about shooting, editing, equipment, etc. I don’t know if many here are experts on creating the ‘viral’ of ‘viral video’. In my very humble opinion, ‘viral’ is happenstance, serindipity, shot-in-the-dark kind of thing. This video is an excellent, well-produced project for a commercial enterprise. Considering the subject matter, perhaps getting the link for it posted on prospective parents sites would give it the start to become viral. Good luck.

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      Sara, your video is great but it could use some music. Creating viral videos is an inexact science because there is no way to know if your video will go viral. There are so many people posting videos, especially in YouTube, that competition is immense. I wrote a post here title “Secret Strategies behind “Viral” Videos“, check it out and read the article I posted. Viral videos is an inexact science, but there are ways to make your videos go viral, although they could be kind of unethical from some people point of view.

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