Please critique

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This has some off color language and i do not own any copyrights to it, but i would just like to hear some opinions about it...edited with pinnacle studio 14 and video was shot on a samsung digital camcorder(all the data plate called it) be honest and enjoy if you can &^^&

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nice video however images were vague.

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Not sure what you want to hear about this but...I have coached 4th graders with iPhones who have created better animated video. Honestly, there was nothing at all i liked about it - you asked and I am be honest with you.

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Was there a purpose or message to this? What is it trying to say and why did you make it?

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Gabriel-well, the images were recorded off of a television, and are from the playstation 3 game "Little Big Planet"...
birdcat-basically me and some friends would say some crazy stuff while we played it, so i started recording it without them knowing(once they found out they played up for the camera and was not as funny) what i ended up doing was try and make a sort of "highlight reel" out of the video i had. the images are blurry since i had to zoom in to remove the frame of the television, keep the "action" as close to the center as possible, etc...really the only point was to be funny i guess, but it it did remind me how much i like editing...
mediafish- about what i expect most people to say, thanks for your honesty, you should note around chirstmas/ new year time frame you will see a much better product from me &^^&

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Also if anyone is interested i can throw up some of the raw footage and get a picture of the camera i used...

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If anything the music and sound ruin it. This would be far better if you added sound effecs that really go with whatever it is that's going on here. What is going on?

Lose the music.


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This is extremely nice. The animation themes that you used in this video are so momentous and mind blowing.This kind of animated videos are always a source of inspiration for me.