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      Several years ago I used a Mitsubishi UH-55 HiFi VHS recorder to record long FM radio broadcasts while I was not home (8 hour recordings at SLP). Audio from the stereo went to Line 1 input, but there was no video input. This worked reasonably well, and the "audio" tapes were playable through the Mitsubishi (as well as another model Mitsubishi), with the audio fed back into the stereo.

      The UH-55 died (mechanical problem), and I just got a newToshiba DVD/VHS player. Video tapes play fine, but the old "audio" tapes play 1-2 seconds, then stop. I suspect the VCR is trying to synch on the non-existant video track.

      Is this a problem on most/all new VCRs, or something peculiar to the Toshiba? If another DVD/VHS player is available which will play the audio tapes, I will return the Toshiba and get a new one.

      Thanks for any suggestions.

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