Player for Reg.8 analog and Reg 8 DVD tapes available?

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      Does anyone know of a player that will play both regular 8 mm analogand regular digital 8 mm tapes? I need one to move my stock footage to a computer hard drive or just play it. My digital 8 camera allows me to play both formats but Ive realized when this camcorder fails I wont be able to play my tapes. Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

      I’ve got about a ten year collection of both kinds of tapes.

      7 April 2008

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      Hi Videotee.

      I’m in the same situation. 15 years of tapes. I have two digital 8mm cameras and will have to go HD in the near future. I also have a GO.VIDEO std.8mm/VHS player which I’m thinking of using as a re-winder or a door stop. The 2 Sony cameras are backward compatible (will read analog). Also they will convert analog to digital when connected to a computer.

      I assume you do not have a computer with a video editing program. The next logical step would be to convert all your tapes to DVD. The computer should be equipped with a video capture program which will produce a DVD. I use an Apple iMac, with iMovie, that has a super drive (capable of burning CDs and DVDs). There are other other devices on the market that will convert tapes directly to DVDs but lack the editing feature. I like the editing prior to burning because then I can cut out the mistakes and bad takes. I have converted most of my VHS and std 8mm to DVDs. 20 yrs from now a new format may come around and the whole process will need to be repeated. I won’t be around for that. My grandkids can worry about it.

      You could also convert to mini tape but that would require a different camera and will result in converting that to DVD. Mini tape cameras will be around for a while more. 8mm is pretty much gone. I think Sony is the only one that still makes an 8mm camcorder.

      Good luck.


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      Dear Vman,

      Thanks for your infomation.

      You’d think someone would make a player for both 8 mm analog and digital tapes – there’s got to be lots of people with collections of tapes. A player would allow them to transfer to the new media or continue to view the tapes.

      Like you, I’ve got a Sony allowing playback of both types – however, it’s my only camera at this time and I’ve become very protective of it. I just don’t want it to “go out” and leave my collection of tapes unreadable.

      I could start the transfer to computer but this would bring other issues, such as more wear on the my last remaining camera and increased hard drive and DVD storage and what’s the life of that?

      Oh well – guess I just too paranoid. But I’d really like a player.

      24 April 2008

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