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      Hi guys,

      i am new to all this and have just burnt some test footage onto disc from Encore, the original footage editied in Premier.

      Now, i play DVD’s on my PS2 or PC, both of which will play the DVD i created inEncore, but when i leant it to my mate he said he just gets a folder displayed on the screen which he has to click to start the DVD playing.

      I am sorry, i dont know what player he is using, i can tell you that i am using DVD -R discs made by Maxel and burnt using Enocre at the fastest speed it allows (4x). My writers are 16x DVD -/+R DL, amde by LITE-ON.

      PLease can someone help me with this problem, i cant seem to find any settings in Ecnore which allow to adjust how it encodes to make it more or less compatible. It does say when burning that it is encoding for Set top players, Pc Software players etc.

      Thanks in advance,


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