Playback HD films on HD-TV (GZ-HD5)

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      Hi guys,

      Seeing back your films directly from camera on your HD-TV is easy with the HDMI but.. after moving the films to pc with deliverd sw it seems we can only see these films on pc.. How to see them on HD-TV?? I want HD quality that’s why I have HD-camera and TV so I don’t want to see on a pc. I tryed to convert the “.TOD” files to MPEG but still my MediaBox doesn’t accept it.

      Best Regards, Gerard

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      What exactly is your question? If you’re looking for a handy way to view on a flat panel display via HDMI, the camcorder should display fine in Record and Playback modes with the TOD files just fine. If you’re looking for a handy way to get your .TOD (MPEG-2 or AVCHD) video converted, there’s’ a number of free software packages around. Have you checked out AVS Video Converter?

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      I’m having a little trouble with whatever the question is too BUT if you want to watch HD on TV you have to supply your HDTV with an HD signal. So, after you put it on your computer you can hook your computer up to the TV (with the right video card & connectors/cables) or you can transfer your edit back to your camera to watch on your TV, or you can make a Blu-ray disc for a blu-ray player connected to your TV. I believe some disc players can play mp4 files (I don’t know for sure) so if the file is small enough for a regular DVD you can burn it to that. Hmm, did I miss any?

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      Hi XTR-91 & BruceMol,

      Yes, I was looking for a easy way to see my films once stored in pc on my TV (without the use of the camera because those films are not anymore on it’s HDD). I tryed already the AVS Converter but for some reason my mediabox still doesnt accept the to MPEG converterd file (idea was external HDD via usb to mediabox and this to HDTV via HDMI).

      Thanks for your answers!!

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