Playback AVCHD on my LCD TV

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      OK, this may be a newbie question, but I am a newbie. I want to purchase a prosumer AVCHD cam and edit in Final Cut Express. I then want to be able to play my creation on my HDTV.

      I have a Mac Pro tower, a PS3, high speed wireless and a Samsung 46″ 750 240Hz (2009 series) LCD.

      My goal is to shoot underwater video while diving, edit it, upload it to Vimeo/Youtube and enjoy my footage at home.



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      “play my creation on my HDTV.” … “a PS3”

      You should check the manual – if it does support, it should say so. Most new DVD players support AVCHD content burned to DVD discs, and with PS3, I heard it supports the format, but many are experiencing decompression issues with audio – it sounds choppy unless the audio format is AC-3. You should be able to burn with disc burning software that supports AVCHD discs, ensure the audio is AC3, and it should be fine.

      I don’t know about the computer system. All I know is that it needs to be fast (preferably a multicore – duo, quad) in order to edit this format.

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      Peachdingo,I shoot HD on a Sony HDR SR-11, use Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Plus Pro Pack on a Duo core Pc ( you should antipate long renduring times).I burn AVCHD onto regular DVD(+ or -) discswhich can play on Bluray players or PS3 (not on regular DVD players). The results look great on my 42″ LCD TV.



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      Check the following link – Western DigitalWDBABX0000NBK , this unit will connect to Youtube via wireless network and also any external device USB stick/external HDD etc and play almost any format including AVCHD.


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      maybe the following article can help.

      it applies to import all kinds of video including avchd, mts, avi, mp4, mpg, flv, wmv, etc to final cut pro

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