pixelation on rendering for dvd

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      I’ve tried to burn a dvd from some footage from my Sony ex1-r that Ive edited on vegas 9 pro – have rendered it as:

      -Mainconcept MPEG-2-
      -dvd architect ntsc template

      but when i play back the render (on realtime) it looks pixelated?

      Any ideas how I can get a dvd quality output? My project settings are 1280x720x32 23.9776p


      btw…I’m freaking out. I know this is something very simple and the deadline for it is in 12 hours. I really appreciate any help. Thanks again.

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      How was the video shot? Did you record progressive or interlaced? Are you rendering progressive or interlaced? If you shot interlaced and rendering progressive, what deinterlacing method are you using?


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      Try checking all your render set ups and what you are format you are using for the DVD perhaps you set something you did not want never had this problem with Vegas and Architect

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