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      Hi there. I have a Big problem, some vary record a wedding for me and useda Sony camera in Mini DV tape. but now that Im capturing the footage, there is a lot of square clorfull blocks all over the video, they apear and desapear here and there, and Im in shock because I supose to deliver this video to the groom and bride as an edited dvd, but I can not use the footage in that condition. Does some vary know any way for fixing this problem. I dis captured the tapes with Pinnacle tudio 14. Thanks in advance for your help.

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      Alfredo, By my understanding, if the material has come off the camcorder with these ‘blocky’ artifacts, there is little that can be done. I have encountered this problem with ‘post’ work on various videos at times. If it has occurred at that time, the problem may have been with not selecting the most appropriate codec for further treatment; but, to emerge from the camcorder, as you imply, having already accumulated artifacts, might suggest that you have an insoluble problem on your hands. My advice would be to bin what you have, go back to ‘square-one’, and upload the material into your computer again. The problem might not necessarily be so bad, on a second attempt.

      The problem occurred with me, when I was endeavouring to upscale some 720 x 576 (PAL) video to 1280 x 720px. The advice to tryalternative codecs, eventually paid-off. The format, in that instance, was AVI (if that helps).

      Ian Smith

      Dunedin, New Zealand

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      Thanks Ian, to be honest Im not familiar with all the terms of the video world, but I did capture the video from the camera to the computer as AVI file, Do you think that if I use a diferent software for capturing may help? Or what do you mean by alternative codecs?
      Thanks Again.
      Alfredo Hdz. Texas,USA.

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       ALFREDO, just a thought, I used to use digital 8 tapes and sometimes if the heads of the videocamera were dirty you would have similar problems. If the image is recorded with these problems, there isn’t much you can do. But if the heads being dirty is causing the problems when you are transfering to the computer, you could eliminate this by cleaning the heads first, then transfer. Also is the camera that you are transfering the files to computer the same cam that shot the footage? You should use the same cam to shoot as to transfer. Hope this helps.

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       Thanks vid-e-o-man I think the camara used had dirty heads, any way I’ll talk whit the guy who did it in order to use his own camera for capture. Thanks again for your help.

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      Were the tapes recorded in a different camcorder? If they were, get a cleaning tape, clean your camcorder and then use the tapes, clean again when done. I have had that happen when clients bring me their videos for editing, it is all about the different lubricating oils used on tapes. Have Fun

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