pixel count vs. CCD size and how that mixes with an AG-DVC60

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      I’ll fess up before I get started. I had posted this over at dvcreators.net already, but no replies yet, so I thought I’d try it here as well if you guys don’t mind. Here goes:

      We currently have a DVC60 (380k effective pixels 3CCD 1/4") to record church services. I would like to add more cameras, but I would also like to get by cheap. For kicks, I compared my personal consumer model PV-GS150 (440k effective pixels 3CCD 1/6") to the DVC60 and it looks horrible. The image looks dark, not as crisp and the colors are much more bland in comparison to the DVC60. So I’m guessing that CCD size is more important that total pixels? If I was to go for a good buy on an older proline camera like the DVC15 (290k pixels 3CCD 1/4") should it look any better than my GS150? And more importantly, will it look ok when mixing it with a DVC60?

      Thanks, Dave

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