PiP Problems with Adobe Premiere Pro

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      Hello all πŸ™‚ ,

      I recently recorded a session of an online game that I currently play and decided to include the PiP effect in the editing of the video. I currently have 3 separate video files to which I use in the timeline (A separate video for the intro, and 2 videos which will be used in the PiP). I have my main video set under the Video 1 area of the timeline, with the PiP video right above it under the Video 2 area of the timeline. As I preview the video, the videos are both played back very choppy. My PiP video is shorter than my main video, and once the PiP video ends, the main video is no longer choppy. I was wondering, are there any settings that I may need to tweak in order to have both my videos play smoothly while using the PiP effect?

      Thank you for your time πŸ˜€

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