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      Ok, basically what Im trying to do is create the effect where you have two boxes on screen, one is someones eyes, the other is a hand going into a cupboard and pulling something out…where you have the eyes on top of the other shot which is the shot w/ the hand going into the cupboard, here’s my problem:

      I want to keep the same size of the shot, I dont want to shrink or expand any part of the clip, I just want one shot to focus on the eyes, and the PIP to focus on the hand going into the cupboard. BUT my problem is, I cant move them (without shrinking/blowing them up) to be on top of each other, they are both in the middle of the ‘main shot’…I want to keep the main shot, select part of the shot, and move one shot up, and the other shot down.

      Hopefully I explained it well enough, anyone know how????



      PS> I noticed the forums are like not very active, If you can spare a few mins to chat with me on the matter, that would be awesome.

      Skype: marklive033 … yahoo: mauiallstar … gtalk: marklivetv

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    I’m using vegas pro. Here is an actual awesome design i made on what my problem is and what im trying to accomplish…


    Let’s say i crop to the eyes, when I try to MOVE the shot up, it moves from the eyes to the forehead…etc. It doesnt actually MOVE the shot WITH the eyes.

    What do i need to do to allow what I’m needing?


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    You need to use a combination of Pan/Crop and Track Motion on each shot to achieve your result.

    Place the eyes on track 1 and the hand on track 2.

    Open up Pan/Crop on the eyes. Make sure Lock Aspect Ratio is disabled and Size About Center is enabled. These two icons are on the left side of this window. Place your cursor at the top or bottom center of the adjustment window and size it accordingly. Periodically place the cursor in the middle of the adjustment box and move it up or down as required. Keep going until you have it the way you want.

    Now open Track Motion on the eyes and move it to the desired position.

    Repeat these two procedures on the hand.

    That should do the trick.


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    ahhhh…thanks RS, i knew it was simple 😛

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    Glad to help out, Mark. Happy editing 🙂

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