Pioneer DVL-700 Laserdisc Player For Sale – Rare Unit In Great Condition!

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      Ok guys, been selling off my discs bit by bit (another dozen or so are

      up on e-bay right now, you can search them out under my selling name

      of whocruiser…) for a while now, it’s finally time to let my

      treasured Laserdisc player go too. It’s a Pioneer DVL-700 in great

      condition, with the original remote control and the original

      instruction manual included. It not only plays all types & sizes of

      Laserdiscs, and music CDs, but this model also plays modern DVDs as

      well. It was my “back up” player for most of the time I owned it, and

      so it got very little use and is in great shape, with lots more good

      use no doubt left in her. No reserve price, so somebody go start it

      off at 99 cents and we’ll see how high it goes from there. I hope you

      get a bargain, but not TOO much of one or I’ll cry. I hate to have to

      let her go, but the time has come, so please give her a good home πŸ™‚

      If your browser supports it, here is a clickable link directly to the

      listing on e-bay:…

      Happy bidding and good luck!

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