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      When I capture from my miniDV camera using Pinnacle, the footage looks grainy and robotic. Footage is from a Sony PD170 (3ccd) and it looked great when I downloaded to my old computer on Windows Movie Maker. I think I am using the correct transfer setting (AVI or DVI – I forget).

      Any tips or advice???

      Couldit be my monitor? I just bought a Samsung 2232GW (22″ super glossy).



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      I have a 19″ Hanns-G widescreen LCD monitor that looksfuzzy when capturing or editing, but the end product, in whichever format I choose, looks great. I dont knowabout the difference in the various types of LCD panels, I think more in terms of refresh rate.


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      Thanks for the repsonse.

      Now that I think about it, I worded my first post incorrectly. I actually saved the movie to my computer in DV format and MPEG 2 format, and the playback still looks grainy. I guess I need to save it to a dvd and play it back on something else to see if my monitor is the issue.

      Thanks again!

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      I don’t have experience w/ 11, but I do with 10.7.

      I’ve had some serious issues w/ capturing on 10.7. I had it set to capture at the best quality and highest resolution possible, but when it actually captured, the resolution was very low and picture was grainy. Couldn’t figure it out until I looked at the dimensions. VERY disappointing. Lost LOTS of good film.

      I’m thinking this could be a similar issue. To be honest, I never found a fix for my problem. I ended up ditching Pinnacle altogether.

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      Hi guys.

      I’m still using Studio 9, but have a play around with 11

      Check you settings for video playback in the “set up” tab

      Not sure on the exact location, but there is an area there to check that will allow full resolution playback

      This may be the source of the problem



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