Pinnacle Studio Plus 10

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I am thinking to buy the new Pinnacle Studio Plus V10. Can anyone enlighten me a fair review about this this new version from Pinnacle. Although I have read many bad reviews on Pinnacle, are they bias or the software is really not that good. Thanks.

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Thanks Okie34. Will look into the info you provided. I am still wondering if anybody out there has virtually used the Studio Plus 10 so the experience can be shared.
I am currently using Adobe Premiere Pro 7.0 and DVD encore for my most 16:9 video shots. The quality is fantastic. However, it requires a much longer time of learning and many steps involved to brun the DVDs.

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I have used Studio9 Plus for its life and have been okay with it, no, it is not a professional grade of software but then neither am I.

I purchased Studio10 Plus and found that most of the new features are good and nice to have but and a big BUT is it is very slow (and I do not have a slow machine or not enough memory). It wants to background render continually and even when background render is turned off it still does. What this causes is very slow response to any input you want to use while editing, click on a menu and wait 1-4 seconds for it to open, etc.

I went back to version 9.4.3

My advise is to wait until the first service pack is out then try it.

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Very good feedback and I appreciate it. I may wait for the further revision or upgrade from Pinnacle for Studio Plus 10.
By the way, can your Studio Plus 9 version handle widescreen 16:9 format?
Many Thanks.

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Hi zzvideomaker

I've been using Studio 9 plus (and the AV/DV deluxe pci card) for almost a year... it was a very painful experience. It does seem to support 16x9 format, but I've never used it.

We did manage to get useable results from this very flawed product, but it was not worth the hassle. Severe Audio/Video Sync issues, won't import large MPEGs (crashes on 650mb MPEG import), the color actually turned to B/W at times during capture, the SmartSound on finished DVD's glitches towards the end of the disc, a thousand and one patches and betas, and it still doesn't work very well.

Being REALLY, REALLY stupid, I went and bought Studio 10 plus. Eeeek!
Right out of the box, it needed a patch. (10.1) It doesn't work on my existing Studio 9 projects. (10.1 patch was supposed to fix that)
It also seems really slow even on a 3.0ghz P4 with 2gb memory and a fast 160gb SATA. (FRESH WinXP pro SP2 install on a dedicated-for-Studio HDD)
At least it does import large MPEGs, but the finished discs won't play on a generic DVD player. (NTSC). (Studio9 discs did)

I've had it.
I'm switching over to Sony Vegas.

I'm not looking forward to a whole new learning curve, but Pinnacle taught me a lesson: Always research a product BEFORE commiting to it.
If I had gone online and researched Pinnacle instead of listening to the sales clerk at the computer store, I would've bought the competing product bundled with PowerDirector.

Studio does seem "friendly" to use and they do have an active support system, but their products seem seriously flawed.

My advice would be to get on eBay and buy a cheap version of Studio9SE, and see how it works on your computer BEFORE commiting to the "plus" version. Actually, you could probably d/l it for free on a peer to peer network... just remember the "plus" features require activation keys, and registration with Pinnacle.

Burnt by Pinnacle TWICE,
(Actually THREE times... My Radeon AIW came bundled with Studio9)

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Plus Member
After reading all these responses about Studio 10 I'm not going to upgrade and am going for Adobe Pemiere Pro 1.5
Will premiere work on a studio card and breakout box?

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Thanks Keri.
Well, I probably will stay away from the Pinnacle Studio Plus 10 base on the info and feedback I received about it. The negative ones are far more than the positive ones.

To videomaker NZ, Just for your info, if you would like to get into the professional Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, you need to prepare the investment (not only the pro 1.5, but also the Adobe Encore DVD) and an awful long learning time to mater it, unless you are already a pro. But, you will have a very stable and high quality video editing software.

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Videomaker NZ Wrote:

After reading all these responses about Studio 10 I'm not going to upgrade and am going for Adobe Pemiere Pro 1.5
Will premiere work on a studio card and breakout box?

I beleive it will. And I agree that you should go for the video collection (with encore, after effects, audition and premiere). I disagree that it will take a long time to learn. If you have a general idea of NLE, you should have no problem. On the other hand, you can get as complex as you want and so there's always more to learn.

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I've done some quite complex projects with Encore 1.5 and never had a problem. What bugs are you experiencing?

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That makes sense then. I always export MPeg2s. Saves Encoding later.

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Just want to say that Studio 9 plus is a great product and I have no syncing problems. I do capture in elements using an ADS box and I capture in AVI. I then open the file in studio, do all my edits in AVI and then render as MPEG.

My experience tells me that your capture box can have some effect on whether things stay in sync and also, when I captured in MPEG, I seemed to have more problems with things staying in sync after editing.

I also have Ulead Video Studio 9, Cyberlink Power Director 4, Roxio Easy Media Creator - but I like Studio the best. It has more features and is easiest to work with. It does crash now and then but it auto saves from the point of the crash so it is not so bad.

As for making DVD's, I use DVD it. I have tried the DVD making within all the software as well as Nero, Ulead Movie Factory and I find all of them to be flakey. DVDit by Sonic works great and is a professional program.

As for Studio 10, I ordered it and it is on the truck but I will not attempt to load it a this time. If you look at the posts on Pinnacle's sight, there is noone saying anything good about it - it has too many bugs right now. They will have patches for everything eventually, and at that point it will probably be a great product, but for now it will sit on the shelf. They have made a very major change this time and released it too soon. Don't buy it yet but if you can get a good deal on 9 Plus, I say go for it.

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Just installed the software for the fourth time in 24 hours.
My experiences on a brand new system build include extremely slow application response and loading times due to numerous dependancies the aplication relys on that simply do not want to run or are blocked by the OS.

Eventually it is starting to show some signs of life but certainly not equivalent to other software packages available. :(

It does install an MFC update which is not deselectible during install.
Choosing a "compact installation" results in an Adorage Plug in error, choosing a full install results in an extremely long completion time while all of the "locked" extras are loaded from the 3 installation disks.

Technical Support calls run the normal gamut of suggestions, but prove useless for the most part.

Some people indicate that it installs fine, however many on similar forums seem to experience the same poor results.

Windows Firewall in SP2 initially blocks two core executables, the render engine and studio.exe. Allowing the exception "DOES NOT" resolve persistent issues.

Although the product will eventually play the sample videos, other AVI imports lock the edit mode and eventually results in a crash when in edit mode. 8-O

The problems may be related to a feature that requires MS SQL desktop server ?!@#$, others seem to be SP2 related. }:-@

I suggested to tech support that the application installs and behaves like a "virus" as far as Windows XP Pro sees it.

The new patch was installed and virtually nothing changed...but still evaluating the possibilities. I too actually bought this after the same types of problems with Studio 9 Plus...We should start and encounter group for Pinnacle MIA victims. ;-)

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8) Amen to this comment, I agree that the interface logic etc is a streamlined masterpiece for novice users...unfortunately the technical skill requirements to get it to run on a real world systems are way beyond the average user.

The available support groups are refuge camps for users whom didn' accidentally stumble on the "base system model" this product was targeted for.

I'm happy now the "virus is uninstalled successfully after performing searches for keywords Pinnacle and Adorage, then finding some additional hooks the registry tool does not remove nor the uninstall features.

My editing system is mine once again, and no more sales spam threads are running on my network layers requesting activation codes and offering upgrade items.

My consolation is that I am throwing the install disks for Studio Plus 9 and 10 in the microwave... Should make for a nice light show.

Pinnacle Studio Plus 9 and 10 ---RIP


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After one hiccup (Setup.exe hung when I inserted Disk 2 and clicked OK), the installation completed successfully and I was able to use Studio Plus 10.

The hiccup, BTW, was not resolved by a call to Pinnacle support but I fixed it myself as follows: When the installer calls for Disk 2, place it in the DVD reader AND ALLOW IT TO SPIN UP before clicking OK. Same procedure for Disk 3.

Oh, I disabled all virus, popup, adware, etc., software and closed all other applications while Studio Plus 10 was loading. I also follow this procedure before launching Studio Plus 10 and, while it takes a while to load, it seems to perform normally and without undue delay.

Real time preview of effects is not possible on my system yet (I need to upgrade my graphics card) but after rendering, the effects are there and act as I expect.

I was pleasantly surprised at the level of capability.

Having an overlay video track gives me nearly as much editing power at home as I used to have while performing a video producer internship with a local cable company. It neatly handles the task of masking edits.

The capture of analog video thru the MovieBox DV breakout box (supplied with Studio v. 9 which I had previously purchased) was not usable. The analog camcorder, however, seemed to be acting up on playback. I'm still awaiting delivery of my new miniDV camcorder so I don't have anything with which to compare it yet.

But I was able to make titles, rolls and crawls; I was able to add transitions (fades and wipes); I was able to drop previously-captured video clips onto the timeline and manipulate them; and I was able to import .WAV files that I edited in a shareware audio editing program and manipulate them, i.e., control the volume thru the keyframe technique described in the Pinnacle user guide.

The user interface is very intuitive.

In total, it appears that Pinnacle Studio Plus 10 will give me all the capability I need to do documentaries and news magazine segments, which is the reason I bought the software.

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I use studio 9 plus 9.4.3 and have had no trouble at all

I had purchased edition 4.5 and the capture card with break out box.

Edition was a hunk of junk. Computer crashed, blue screens all the time. When it did evenetually work video audio sync was so far out all my projects looked like dubbed movies from the 60's.

I tried to use Premiere pro 7 and it worked fine with analog and digital capture. I was on a strict deadline and did not have the learning time available so I went to "Studio 9" I got my job done on time and I was very happy with the overall quality

I ended up staying with Studio 9 for several reasons:
1. very easy and fast to learn to use.
2. Allowed intergration of smart sound within the program
3 Allows intergrated DVD authoring within the program
4 more stable than Edition 5
5 Has two video track
6 I can create a superb photo show

Over all with my experince I can honestly say this is the easiest and most reliable program I have used for video editing / dvd authoring

Just a foot note on all the other negative feed back. It is my honset opinion that if you are going to do video editing, then you need a machine just for that. My Video editing machine is dedicated only to video editing and slide show creation. No internet, no games, no photo editing software, no office soft ware no nuthin.
Windows XP pro and device drivers were loaded. Then Studio 9 plus.

I have a Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz processor, 2 gb ram, Asus p4p8000 mother board with 800mhz front serial bus. and intergrated SoundMax sound card.
Asus agpv94800 128meg video card with duel head.out put.. 2x Samsung 753DFX CRT monitors and 4 identical x 250 gig Ata hard drives. The operating system, Nero 6 and Asus dvd player are on the C drive. Capturing of the video goes to D drive. Projects are created on E Drive and the rendering/final project etc goes to F drive
All photo's are editied on a seperate computer and are imported to the video computer via a 1 gig flash drive.

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Looking back a few days to Nov 16th, I posted that I was pretty well pleased with Studio Plus 10. That is no longer the case.

I've now started to use the software in production and it crashes frequently. I hope Avid/Pinnacle will get the bugs worked out quickly before I'm forced to look in another direction for my editing software.

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I never purchase the 1st release of anything.
I found too many bugs in most programs and you have to wait for patches or updates....... Hmmmmm..... I wonder if Microsoft will ever get it right????
XP ... the latest, the greatest, so stable, inbuilt protecttion against hackers........NOT, NOT, NOT..... service pack--- oh you mean stuff up my computer and throw it against the wall because we fixed 20 problems and introduced 3,000 more..
Sarcasim... the right of free speach and discontent.
Got us by the short and..... Use an apple - but hey, hasn't Microsoft got their fingers in that PIE TOO? Let's see if they can burn that too.
Linux.... hmmmm, whats that? Video editing?? I don't know of anything
Anyone else out there know of a Linux video editing program?????

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Yeah, seems all software makers rush their products to release before they're truly ready.

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Hay Guys,
I know this tread is old, but I'll still add my 2 bobs worth - again
First of all I have been using Studio9 Plus for quite a while now and have had no problems at all.
I have had a few crashes and I believe it was because I was too impatienet and pushing the computer to do too much at once.
I have found that if I let the computer do the back ground rendering on major edits first - you know, that green section in the time line that turns yellow, everything is fine. I have actually turned off the background rendering, and have had no crashes at all.
As far as downloading my video -AVI all the way why the hell compress video footage at the editing state - especially if the projects are short enough to convert to DVD without compression at the final stage.
Oh and by the way yes you can do 16:9 projects - but you have to select the format before you even put video in the time line.
Using Pinnacle capture card with Adobe Premier - doubt it very much. My Studio card came with Edition - I cam from Studiom MP10 and found Edition too confusing for what I wanted to do, well actually, I thought it was a hunk of junk. I tried Premiere and it would not work. The Australian distributers had drivers for Prem, so I tried it - still over the top. Went to the Australian Prem, for Liquid Edition and Studio 9. Walked away with a copy of Studio 9 under my arm and have never looked back.

I have just recently upgraded to Studio 10.7 (Titanium edition) and have no issues either. Changed to Studio 10 as it lets me combine NTSC and Pal video in the one project. Also like the high definition of the text and photo's , not to mention making DIVX movies, DVD, in different screen formats.
Have not had compatability issues with any produced DVD's and have no problem making Menu's etc.
The only wish list item I have for Studio - perhaps version 11, is the ability to add extras video lines. I do a lot of slide shows and at times an extra video line or two to put photo's in would be great. I do have a work around by using the two video and title lines , render them as an Avi file, put it into the time line and use the second video line and title line to add more photo's. Yes it's a little fiddly, but it works and I am very comfortable using it.

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I am using XP professional version 5.1.2600 (retail) with service pack 1 only.

The computer is an Asus P4P800 with intel 865E chipset, 800mHz Front serial bus, 2 Meg Dual DDR 400 ram
Intel Pentium 4 3.00 Ghz Processor - on todays market - its a clunker
Onboard 5.1 SoundMax audio system using SPDF out.
Sound plugs in to my old Home Theatre Marantz 5.1 digital amp via SPDF out and delivered to Mordaunt-Short AVANT 902 speakers (5)
and Webconic Sub woffer. Sounds HOT.
Asus VGP-V9480 video adaptor - 128Mb, 274 Mhz GPU
Video capture is via Pinnacle AV/DV card with break out box - analog and digital via firewire. (about 5 years old)
2 x Samsung Syncmaster 753 DFX monitor - yep- they're CRT - more old stuff (saving up for 2 x 21" wide screen LCD monitors)
2 X Segate Barracuda 120 GB 7200 hard drives. - 1 for operating system and 1 for photo's and music for projects.
2 x 250 GB Segate Barracuda Sata hard drives hi spin - 1 for caputre and 1 for projects
1 x 300 GB Fire wire removable hard drive for " Created DVD, but do not burn" projects.
1 x Asus dual layer DVD Burner
1 x Sony dual layer DVD Burner

The IDE Hard drives are together - master and slave, the optical drives are together - master and slave.

Apart from studio 9 & 10 and their associated "add ons and plug ins"
I have two other programs installed - Nero 6 OEM version for burning and AVS DVD player - has 5.1 capability so I check
the DVD on my computer system without the need to go up to the house and check it on the Theatre system.
I have a 5 metre x 3 mtr "computer lab" - as my son calls it, down in a 6mtr x 12 mtr Machinery shed that was home for 15 years!

I have three computers networked. The Video system, an Audio computer that does all my audio recording and record restorarations -
Its amazing how good you can make an old 78 r.p.m. record sound!
The third computer - which gets the most work is for business, internet and photo restoration. Unfortuately Business gets most use.

Don't know what prices are like in the States, but our stuff is about 3 years behind in availabilty and costs the earth.


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The only reason I didn't return Studio 10 Titanium when I got it is because by the time I had finally installed everything and entered all of the product keys I had so much time invested that I couldn't bear the thought that it was spent in vain. I also wasn't happy that I had to install multiple updates and patches just to get it up to date. I am currently running 10.7

After that things were fine for a while. I made a few movies, converted some to iPod format, etc. The render quality was great. No major hiccups. DVD's played fine (although I didn't try making menus).

Then out of nowhere about a month ago everything I render is lossy, grainy, and pixelated. No matter what format, codec, or configuration I use, it always outputs the same lossy junk video.

I am very disappointed with Studio 10 Titanium. Did I pay a lot of cash for it? Not really (but enough). If my movies would render correctly I would be a happy camper. Infact I am between a rock and a hard place now. I have about 200 people waiting on a video that will not render correctly. I have many hours of editing invested so I don't want to run the 10.8 update and have my project files not open.

Does anyone know if the 10.8 update fixes quality loss issues? rant is over.

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Hi to everyone,

I'm using Pinnacle Studio 10 and my only problem here is when I enter the Studio Launcher and click on INSTANT DVD RECORDER. I do exactly what the instructions to make a video transfer to DVD but when I come to the point of clicking on Start Recording it is always giving me an error. Can anyone send me some information about this problem and possibly how to solve it. Thanks to all.

By the way I never came across any other problems when using Studio 10 Plus. In my opinion apart from being very easy to use it is also a very good editing software.


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I had Studio 10 with all the patches (up to 10.7) and it was decent when it decided not to crash. I recently uninstalled it after it corrupted a file during a reboot from crashing and completely wiped out about 30 hours worth of editing. I am going Adobe Premiere Pro all the way next time. Pinnacle products aren't worth a dime, IMO.