Pinnacle Studio ? Any experts here ?

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      I would like some advice regarding burning HD DVDs with my Pinnacle Studio 14. Is there anyone here who really knows this software ?
      So far I have captured video and it saved as m2v. I believe that is the best format Im going to get for capturing raw HD video. Right ?<br />I then tried burning my edited project(20 min)as a DVD but it looks awful. <br />So then I tried making my finished project into an MPEG 2 and made it 15,000 Kbps. I watched that MPEG on my screen and it looks fine, but when I burned it to DVD-R (standard 4.7 Gb), it looked awful ! <br />I know I dont need BlueRay media to get HD video if it’s only 20 minutes run time. Or do I ?

      Please .. anyone with knowledge of Pinnacle … help ?
      I’d be very grateful for your help.


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      I am so disappointed from my Pinnacle 14 that i move to Magix Pro 17 normally you can burn any AVCHD on DVD disk you have 2 ways. 1) You can burn in DVD mode like a regular DVD and play with a DVD player 2) You can burn in AVCHD like a Blu-Ray the maximum time is 30 minutes and you need a Blu-Ray player.

      If difficult to change software because Pinnacle offer a very easy to work software limited but fast and easy to work the problem they never update the version 14 and jump to release the version 15 and Avid Studio. A hint with Pinnacle create the disk image without burning and in the second step burn only the disk image this avoida lot of problem in playing the project (pixel and stoping)



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      Hi Mike

      MPEG 2 is correct format butDon’t give 15,000 KBPS. maximum u can use for regular videos should be less than 8,000. this will work perfect. if possible get the output in AVI format and convert the AVI in to MPEG 2 using Canopus Procoder with output preset DVD VOB. It will create the Video TS folders on your Hard Disk. burn the Video TS folder as Video DVD with Nero or other Burning Softwares.

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      You’ll lose more information from converting MPEG-2 to DV-AVI than by converting MPEG-2 to MPEG-2

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