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      Hello, i’m new in video authoring and i’m trying to make a title for my first project.
      My problem is that the image i want to use is not imported with the transparent background, while some templates in studio, handles this kind of images, but the extension of those are from inside the program.

      Do you know what image format can i use to import images with transparen background in to studio?

      I have tried the following formats:

      psd (not even reconized)

      yet another simple question: What’s the default image size in the templates?, the images i’m trying to use (big enough) look pixelated when playin full view.


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      Controlling transparency in overlay images

      Viewed in the Album, or in a graphics editor, an overlay image appears to have a solid background. When you place it on the title track, however, the background disappears, allowing the video to show through.

      Studio uses the color of the top-left pixel of the image to determine which areas will be transparent. Pixels that match this color are not drawn when the image is rendered over video.

      This scheme works well for still images that have consistent solid background colors. Sometimes, you may have to edit the top-left pixel of a bitmapped image to get the transparency effect you want. Any image-editing program even the Windows Paint accessory will do the job.

      I use .tga images.

      The automatic transparency feature applies to images that are imported into Studio via the Title Editor as well as those that are accessed through the Album.

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      Well i’ll try with the .tga format altough that issue i resolved matching the background color with that of the image…

      In the manual comes that transparency explanation about the first left pixel.. But when i play it in the track still is visible…

      I’m using a logo image 800×600 but looks awful at full view, know why?

      The logo is very simple lined but gets pixelated -extremely-

      Anyways SCORPA i’ll keep figuring out and learning meanwhile, i really, really aprecciate your help. Thank you very much!


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      You best bet would be to go Here and use the search feature.
      If I locate the proper message string I’ll post the link.

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      Check this Thread

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